Friday, December 6, 2013

Logan Isaac - 3 Months

You're three months old, little boy! That's already a quarter of year... and it feels like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the first time!

Size-wise, your definitely getting bigger. You're starting to put on some of your pudge and getting a slight double chin. Your thighs are rolling up and your cheeks are the perfect size for lots of kisses. You're starting to wear 3-6 months clothes. The 3-month-sized pants fit you in the waist alright, but you're so long that your little legs stick out and it looks like you're wearing capris! You're on the cusp of switching into size 2 diapers (but I'm holding out because I still have size 1s to use up!). But, regardless of your size, you're still my little squishy that I love to cuddle when your crazy-active brother gives us some peace.

Your eyes remain blue and your hair blonde. Your cradle cap hasn't gone away, but it's getting slightly better. Your my little ghosty... so, so white, but still so crazy cute. You also have developed a little Alphalpha cowlick, so your hair is always adorably standing up in back. 
This month you had lots of firsts! 
• Your first Halloween — You were Booboo Bear and Caleb was Yogi
• Your first Thanksgiving — You even got to spend it with Grandma and Grandpa Lemmon!
• Your first flight — You slept the whole way both directions.
• First time meeting Grandma and Grandpa Lemmon
• First real laugh (beyond a tiny giggle)
• First cold 

You also rolled over from your front to your back already! And, you're already super close to rolling over the other direction, too. I don't blame you from wanting to be able to move around and see all around ... your brother makes the floor a pretty hazardous place to hang out sometimes ;-) You also LOVE standing on our laps to look around, and even seem to enjoy a decent amount of tummy time. Basically, you don't seem to care where you are, as long as you are around people to look at and interact with.

You especially love watching your brother. This month, you really started observing him. You laugh at him and, when he comes and gets in your face, you just smile and take it. He tries to hold your hand, and you grab onto his fingers nice and tight. I can't wait to see your relationship continue to blossom. I'm sure you'll annoy him and he'll steal everything you want to play with, but I'm also sure you'll love each other and develop a great friendship. I can't wait to witness it!
This month you also discovered your hands, and in doing so are now not only grabbing and reaching for things, but also are sucking your thumb! While you are fine taking a nukie when necessary, most nights we check on you to find your thumb in your mouth (so far, you've exhibited neither a right, nor left thumb preference). While it's pretty much the most adorable thing ever, I'm slightly concerned about how difficult it will be to break you of the habit in the future. Alas, there's nothing I can do now. It seems your hooked.

Your routine still isn't nailed down as far as sleep, but you typically have an eat, nap, play routine throughout the day. Naps usually fall at about 9, 11, 1, 4 and then bedtime has been around 8. And, the last two weeks you've slept from 8 until 6 or so most nights! It's been so beautiful (especially because your brother gets me up at 6:30). My favorite is when you wake up in the morning and give me the biggest smiles... like you've been waiting to see me all night!
You also can just be laid down to sleep. I don't know if has to do with your thumbsucking, but with your brother, I had to rock him to sleep and hope he didn't wake up when I put him down. I lay you down, pat your booty a couple times and leave the room. You're out in a flash.

We love you, our little Logi. Such a sweet, beautiful little boy. I love watching you grow :-)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Caleb Jonathan - 2 YEARS!

Well, my first baby love is 2 years old. I simply can't believe it. I seriously can't. Two years ago, my little Caleb Jonathan made me a mom, and now he continues to baptize me by fire in the skills of raising a little boy. But, our journey together continues to bless my heart...

This last year has brought so many changes for you both as a little man and a member of our family . While you've gone from baby to toddler, you've also gone from only child to big brother. You've gone from speaking a couple fragmented words to full on sentences and from living in an apartment to a two-story house with a backyard. You've gone from being a compliant, easy-to-manage child to a lovable-yet-independent and opinionated mischief maker and from flying as a "child in arms" to having your own seat. It's been a year full of changes and adjustments, but as you've done since day one, you've adjusted with flying colors and find a way to thrive — it seems — in every situation.
But there are many things about you that haven't changed. Your sweetness. Your quiet way of observing the world around you until you edge your way in when you have thought it out long enough (You get that from your dad, I think). Your desire to learn, do and see everything and anything you have the opportunity to do.

You continue to love your mommy most at night ("I want mommy, please" I heard over the monitor the other night) and your daddy most during the day (He's the most fun, you know). You also haven't slowed down... and have, in fact, exponentially sped up. Though, I guess, Logan has caused you a few more pauses these days...
But, it's been so beautiful watching you embrace your role as a brother so naturally. It's like you understand what it means to love someone unconditionally, though I know it's not something you directly comprehend. Logan is one of the only things you will take pause for... to hold his hand, to kiss him goodnight. You love him so much and I'm not even sure you know it yet. This has been my favorite thing to watch this year.
As a growing boy you wear mostly 2T clothes, size 7 shoes and a size 6 diaper. (I'll update with your weight and height when we go to the doctor Monday). Your hair remains a medium brown that I like to keep just long enough so that I can brush it with my hand over your forehead. Your eyes are a deep chocolate with a dark ring around them. You have a freckle-like birthmark on the top of your left ear and still have one little baby fat roll wrinkle that remains just a slight indent in your right thigh.

Eczema continues to hound you, but you don't seem bothered. And, you almost always have bumps and bruises here and there — your a rough-and-tumble boy. You've had your first bee sting and the worst fall you've probably taken( in terms of scaring me) has been either the time you tipped yourself over in the kitchen chair and knocked your head on the tile or when you fell down the stairs at Nana and Papa's.
You get up early (between 5 and 6), but we lay you back down and you'll stay in bed until 6:30 or so without issue. This is after going down for bed between 7:45 and 8 and sleeping without interruption until the morning. You're go-go-go until 1 or 1:30, which is when you go down for your only nap of the day, which typically lasts anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours. Evening time is your craziest time... especially after dinner. But we love it.

You are such a talker. Between talking to us and simply repeating EVERY. LITTLE. THING. we say, you are very rarely quiet for a long period of time. It's gotten me in trouble a couple of times — mostly when we're driving together. Though, I have to admit, it's pretty funny hearing you say "freaking accelerate." (I've tried to tone my verbal road rage down for you.)

I think you're pretty verbal for your age, but, I could also be biased. I just love being surprised every day by the things that come out of your mouth. It's like your words are finally giving you the ability to communicate all that stuff that's been trapped in your little head for so long! Oh, and we've also started the "whas dis" routine, as well as the constant "once more" (as you hold up your little finger). Though, I don't think you comprehend what "once" actually means.
Hmm... your favorite things.

• You like anything that goes... anything you can push (your stroller, your push cars) to anything you can ride on (your Power Wheels). You also like sending cars down your Little People ramp. Most recently, you love watching and learning to operate your dad's remote-control helicopter.
• Balls. You mostly love to throw them (though you mostly just love throwing everything), but also kicking them, rolling them... pretty much anything you can do with them.
• You began a love for trains about a month ago when you saw a bit of Thomas the Train on PBS and have been obsessed ever since. We usually start our days off coming downstairs and watching an DVR'd episode or two of "twains."
Looking at/riding trains for your birthday.
• You love music. You'll ask for us to turn it on in the house, and if we get in the car and it's not on, you ask for "music please." You can find the beat and often clap away when you're in the backseat. You also love me to sing to you (especially when we're putting on your lotion before bed), and most of the time you join me. Wheels on the Bus and "the Sunshine song" are your favorites, though we have a plethora in our duet repertoire. The ladies at Sunday School laugh because you have them play "Wheels on the Bus" on their music CD over and over every week.
• Helping me in the kitchen is something you live for. I measure out the ingredients and let you dump them in, and if I let you, you love to stir everything together or watch the mixer do its work. You also love to steal my think of spatulas and mixing spoons, along with some of my mixing bowls, and pretend.
Helping me with Thanksgiving dinner.
• You love "play 10 minutes" on my phone, watching "wheels on bus" videos on YouTube from my computer and "play trucks" on our iPad. Though, all of these things are limited daily. It's amazing how fast you take to these things!
• Every day when Daddy gets home from work you beg him to take you to listen to music in his car. He sits you in his passenger seat and pumps the bass up. You love getting to jam out in there.
• Your grandparents are some of your favorite things. You love to Skype with them during dinner on the nights when Daddy is at work in the evening. And, you've been so spoiled this last month as you had two weeks in Minnesota with Nana and Papa, and now are in the middle of a two-week stretch with Grandma and Grandpa.
• You love playing with anyone who will sit and play with you or chase you around. "You come you" is a common phrase around here, especially right after we tell you you have to play by yourself for a little while. It basically means "you come with me" and is often accompanied by you pointing at us. You just want to play all the time!
While most of it is all fun and games, you also have a mischievous, non-listening streak in you that sometimes requires timeouts in your crib. There are days that I feel like all I say to you is "no" and that I go to bed tired from negotiating with you to avoid a meltdown. But, then you give me a hug "with your arms" at bedtime and tell me you love me. You keep me on my toes, little boy, but I love you all the same.
Our family of four wouldn't be the same without you!
I know this post is getting long. But, as I've said before, there are so many things about you that I never want to forget — little things that I know will fall by the wayside in my memory as victims to the bigger milestones. You bring me so many joys, my little C.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Logan Isaac - 2 Month Update

(Also known as the post I forgot to actually post...)
Oh baby boy. You're already two months. How is this possible? I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface of getting to know you... yet here you've been around for 8 whole weeks!

You're following in your brother's footsteps — exceeding them actually — and confirming to the world that the Lemmons don't produce small children. At your well check-up last week, you weighed 13 pounds (67th percentile), are 24" long (99th percentile) and have a 14.5" head (99th percentile). You actually weigh 6 oz more and are a .5" taller than your brother did at the same check up. If that's any indicator, I anticipate your weight to be skyrocketing and your rolls to start forming here in the next month or so.
You're in size 1 diapers and wear 0-3 month clothes. Your hair is still blonde and not much has fallen out (though you've developed a nice case of cradle cap). And, as the pictures prove, you're eyes are still blue, blue, blue. This month has seen your newborn squishy-ness dissipate into baby chub and a clearer picture of what you're going to look like as you grow. You are SO freaking cute I can't even stand it.

Before you were born, I was sure you were going to be my difficult child — since your brother was such a laid back, easy baby. But, you've proven that the second-child-will-always-be-the-opposite myth is just a lie. You are so laid back and so adjustable. This month, we moved into a house, you transitioned to your own room, and you are happy (most days) to hang out in your swing/on your mat when I have to chase after your brother.
Your sleep schedule varies, but I think as a second-time mom, I've been able to read your cues a lot easier. As a result, I know you've developed a little bit of a routine for yourself. Basically, you wake up, eat, sleep, repeat throughout the day. This starts at 7:30/8. You've also been awesome at typically taking your longest nap at the same time that your brother goes down for his nap, so I've had a couple hours to get things done around the house most days. Bedtime is usually 9:30/10 and comes after I change you, nurse you and rock you. You've been sleeping from then until approximately 5:30 a.m., when you get up for a fast feeding (seriously. Fast. 20 minutes and I'm back in bed) and go back down until wake-up time. I know this will all change and change and change, but so far, you've made it real easy on me.

This month your smiles continued to be the coveted prize by your dad and me, as well as pretty much everyone that held you. You're happiest right after your naps/night time. The best is when I go in to say good morning and you give me a huge grin and coo. You are also using your voice a lot more (like the aforementioned coos), screaming louder when you're mad and laughing up a storm when you're in a good mood. Your smiles kill me.

Um, you've basically been a perfect baby. But, I feel like if I don't give some dirt, people will think I'm painting too rosy of a picture here So, uh, you tend to fuss a little sometimes in the evening. The screams usually last about 10-20 minutes depending on how fast I can get you to stop yelling at me long enough to eat. So there. There's something negative.
Your brother continues to love on you. One night I was filling up the bath tubs for you and him (you were in your crib waiting) and when he saw you were missing, he started crying and yelling for you. "Where's brother" he wanted to know. He may push his boundaries with you (he sometimes kicks a little to close to your head, earning him a time out), but he's doing it for our sakes, not to hurt you. He always kisses you goodnight, says goodbye if he's leaving and wants to see you first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I can't wait until you get to play together.

Basically, you're a great baby and continue your seamless transition from an "inside baby" to the fourth member of our family. You are loved, my little man. I can't wait to see what the next month holds.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Adjustments all around

Photo Credit Megan Ann Photography
Jon and I still pause at various moments and say "We have two." Sort of in disbelief. Well, in complete disbelief. In a "Holy crap, we have two kids. We got married yesterday. When did we have two kids?" sort of disbelief.

We have two kids that require complete care — food, clothes, direction. And, while it feels more normal to have two walking, talking Jon and Emily combos every day, it also still feels completely surreal with every picture I take of the two of them, with every meal time I cater to two mouths and with every occasion where I'm handling two crying kids.
Brotherly love.
People always warned how difficult the adjustment to two is — especially if they also had two under two. And, I mean, I figured it kind of would be. C isn't old enough to be REALLY prepped for the shock of welcoming a brother into the household. Plus, he isn't old enough to be super independent yet, so throwing a completely dependent newborn into the mix was never bound to be easy. But, while I sat and tried not to think about the likely sleepless road ahead of me, someone reminded me that "Hey, but you're giving C a brother, and that's a pretty big blessing."And, that's kind of made me feel better about putting him through any transitional difficulties now.
Meeting Logan in the hospital for the first time. Logan knew it was trouble.
Surprisingly, Caleb's adjusted rather well to the brother part. Even from the first day he met Logan in the hospital — with his very limited experience with babies — he knew that Logan was a baby and how to kiss him/hug him as gently as a toddler can do so. The first thing he wants to do when he gets up in the morning or from a nap is "see baby" or "touch him" and won't do anything else until he's found Logan's location and is allowed to do so. When he goes to bed, he has to kiss the baby goodnight and yells "Nigh-nigh brother!" all the way to his room. And, if Logan is anywhere where C can touch him or be close to him — say on his tummy time mat on the floor — C is all over that. He's down on the floor, in Logan's face giving him hugs, kisses and trying to share. Poor Logan... he has no control over it. But, it is so freaking precious how much Caleb already loves his brother, even if he doesn't quite realize it.
Photo Credit Megan Ann Photography
Of course, we've had our moments... like when Caleb was "balancing" a book on top of his head and on a whim decided to hit it off, sending it hurling through the air and into Logan's head as he was laying on the floor. And, while comforting Logan, all I could do on top of checking to make sure he was OK was tell him that unfortunately it won't be the last time his brother causes him injury. Then there's always lots of "be gentle" reminders and plenty of "don't poke his eyes." But, overall, Caleb seems to get that his brother is here to stay and, even better, that he seems to be OK with that fact. I'm just glad I haven't caught him trying to smother Logan with a pillow.
C wanting in on cuddle time.
However, adjusting to sharing mom and dad has been a whole different ball game.

The first night back from the hospital,we tucked Caleb into bed and Jon went to get us food while I sat down to nurse Logan. While I was doing that, our normally completely quiet toddler went into a crying frenzy, screaming about wanting mommy and needing a drink. Of course, not knowing how to choose which to address foremost — the baby on the boob or the baby in the bed — I walked into C's room still nursing Logan, hoping to comfort him with a cup of water. Unfortunately, as soon as I gave it to him, he looked up at me with those teary eyes, reached both hands in the air and simply said "Rock a minute," indicating he wanted me to snatch him up to our big, comfy recliner and rock and sing to him.

I don't know if it was the hormones or what, but my heart broke and I sobbed right there between telling him it would be alright and that it was time for bed. It killed me that in a situation I would normally have been able to address his needs immediately, that I had to consider this other little being in my arms as well. C wasn't used to that... and the thought of him feeling like I was choosing this new baby over him killed me. Of course, in retrospect, it's likely I could have put the baby down for second to enable me to give C a hug. However, in my sleep-deprived, hormonal-driven state, common sense was not my go-to. Jon came home to find me in a puddle of tears and C sleeping soundly in his crib.
Enjoying special Daddy time in the pool and special Mommy time at the grocery store.
Thankfully, this hasn't happened again and I chalk it up to him spending two nights away from me and being unsure as to whether I would be there when he got up if he went to sleep. However, we have had other bouts of him making it clear that he still wants time with us, such as earlier wake times (which is awesome when you've been up with a baby every two hours) and a speeding up of toddler-esque "testing boundaries" behavior. C's also exhibited some crazy separation anxiety when we went to BSF and MOPS for the first time since spring, which he's never exhibited before EVER. I've spent a few of my MOPS yesterday going between his classroom and sitting in the meeting with him on my lap. It's just a season, everyone says.
Sneaking in some special Daddy-only time.
But, I think he's making strides towards a new normal that includes Logan. We've tried helping him by carving out time for C and Daddy and C and Mommy. We've kept routines the same (Daddy gives baths and Mommy puts on lotion and jammies) and we've introduced some new enticing elements, such as reading bedtime stories in Mommy and Daddy's bed. And, it probably doesn't hurt that he's gotten to watch much more "Cat in the Hat" while Logan's eating to keep him in occupied.

The adjustment for Mommy is a another story for another time. This adjusting to two thing has been/is currently extremely tiring/trying. As worth it as I know it will be and as blessed as I know we are to have these two boys in our care, there has been more than one occasion where I want to sit down and cry out of pure exhaustion or where I want to scream just because I haven't been away from a child for little more than an hour since Logan was born. There's always laundry to do, dishes to wash, blogs I want to write and coffee to sit and sip... but it seems as soon as I finally get to one of those, there's a mouth to feed, a diaper to be changed or a game to be played. I'm still discovering a balance.  But, again, it's a post for another time.

C's love for his brother continues to encourage me that we aren't crazy for having 2 under 2. Or 2 in general. And, for now, that's holding it all together :-)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Logan - 1 month

Beautiful boy
Oh Logan! You're six weeks old and your silly mama has yet to post a one-month post for you.

Your first month of birth was always going to be a busy one for our family. Daddy spent many afternoons of his two-week leave going out and looking at houses for us to move into at the month and I had to try to spend time packing up the apartment we brought you home to. There was lots to do. But, you made sure you got your say in when you needed it, and I enjoyed the breaks you "forced" me to take to feed you and change your diaper.

You were a bit different from your brother from the get-go in that we could actually put you down in your RNP and you would fall asleep on your own. It was a nice change of pace for your dad and me. You spend your naptimes in the RNP or the swing, however, I enjoyed those naps that fell over your bro's afternoon nap so I could lay and snuggle/nap with you and take all the little things about you in. at about three weeks we put you on your tummy and discovered that you sometimes like that better, so during the night you either slept in your RNP or on your mat on the floor on your tummy.
Yes. On the floor. Due to our moving situation, you have neither your own room or your own crib. But, you don't seem to mind most of the time quite yet. I slept next to you in the living room on the couch this first month. You're a LOUD sleeper. You grunt and squirm, and I wanted to make sure your dad got quality sleep for work and taking care of your brother, so I bit the bullet. You wake up two to three times a night usually, while you go down "for the night" between 10/11 usually.

You are a good eater, eating pretty much every 2 hours on the dot during the day. Unfortunately, my supply has been amped up and my letdown pretty forceful, so we've had to work around that. The first several weeks you'd swallow a lot of air trying to keep up, and ended up choking and gagging when you couldn't, so we switched to you only eating one side a feeding and sometimes me nursing laying down so you could control the flow. You'll sometimes eat both sides if you're really hungry, but are usually satisfied with just the one. I'm just really glad we didn't let that hurdle get in the way of your breastfeeding, as stressful and frustrating as it was.

You started your social smiling the week before you turned one month old, and per usual, that prompted us to make even bigger fools of ourselves to make you smile again. You have such a sweet little smile (and your little laughs and chuckles you make in your sleep are pretty cute, too).
Big bro getting in your face.
You are a tolerant baby most of the time. Your brother is always in your face giving you kisses and hugs, but you make no fuss about it. Though, you did make quite the noise when he knocked a board book off his head and into your face. And rightfully so. But, alas, I'm sure it won't be the last time he'll cause you strife. The only time you make sure I know your patience has run out is when you're hungry and I haven't been able to feed you right away. You make sure a scream is heard then. And that's OK.
Big bro infringing on your cuddle time.
As far as growth, the last we were in the doctor was just before you turned three weeks and you were up to 10 lbs. So, not unlike your brother, you are proving the Lemmons don't grow 'em small. You're out of newborn diapers and into size 1s, and I'm starting to integrate 0-3 month-sized clothes into your fashion rotation. How are you getting big so fast?! You still have your mop of blonde hair (which sometimes looks almost strawberry) and your eyes have remained blue with no signs of darkening. So, you're my very unexpected blue-eyed blondie (so far :-) ). People have said you look like me, but, as I said with your brother, neither your dad or I see it. We just know you're cute.

You like your nuky, do great in the car seat, don't mind tummy time so much and also do pretty well in the Moby. You're a fan of napping on me and like cuddle time, especially when you get to fall asleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed.
While it's taken a bit longer to get to know you — since your brother is quite the attention demander these days — you can bet that we love all the moments we get to cuddle you and have little chats with you. You are so sweet and I'm so glad you have come to make our family one of four. We love you, my little Logi Bear.

Monday, September 9, 2013

What's in a name?

So, obviously naming your child is a big deal. There are lots of different aspects that you as a parent sit and consider when coming up with options. You have to determine if family names are important, whether a particular name has a really obvious awful nickname that could haunt your child, how well a particular name flows with a last name... all that sort of stuff. (And am I the only one that tries the titles president and doctor in front of names when I'm testing them out? How about trying out what a name would sound like being announced in say, a pro basketball lineup, or coming up for a tee time during the US Open?) I mean, you're choosing a label that will come to represent your child to everyone they meet both in person and on paper. No big deal, right?

Well, in naming our boys, we took it no less seriously than I suppose most would. We weighed options, saying yay or nay due to this or that reason. I remember sitting in the car throwing out a list of names to Jon, having most of them shot down because of negative associations he had with them — people he knew in high school, people he knew in college, some character from a movie. It also became obvious that I was more willing to think outside the box than Jon was and that I was much less picky (at least when it came to boy names). 

However, despite not being as picky about name options, there was something else that played a large role in deciding our boy names for me — meaning. I'm not talking the cheesy meanings you see listed on bookmarks or those cards you buy in Bible book stores. I'm talking about significance, a story, a reason that their name is what it is. I wanted my boys to know that there is weight behind their names. And ultimately, I'm so happy that I required their names have that. I'm excited for them to be able to tell people why their names are what they are.

Caleb at one week old
Caleb Jonathan
Let's start with C. Caleb is absolutely still my favorite boys name. (Am I supposed to say that now that I have two boys?) I adore Logan's name too, but C's name, from the moment it popped into my head, was one I just adored. I didn't know many Caleb's (Carise - Your brother was the only one I could think of!) and I liked that it was unique, yet not, You-neek (if you get my drift). On top of those things, I love the meaning and Biblical story behind his name.

The various "definitions" of Caleb are faith, devotion and whole-hearted, all of which are characteristics I pray my son grows to have. The story of Caleb in the Bible is also one that I will refer him to when he's older, as it's one about a character who holds fast to his faith, even in times of severe adversity.

In the book of Numbers, Caleb acts as a spy for Moses into the Promised Land with several others in order to determine how to take the land back, as was God's will. While 8 of the other spies went against God's will and said that the land would be impossible to take, Caleb, along with Joshua, was faithful that God's will would be done and tried to motivate the people in that direction. The people, in turn, wanted to kill them. Caleb would not waiver, and ultimately, he wandered for 40 years because God's people didn't want to hear the truth in what he had to say. However, the Bible also shows that Caleb remained faithful to God, never blaming Him for his circumstances, and God ultimately rewarded him for his servanthood. I pray this sort of courage, steadfast faith and willingness to stand firm in Christ over my sweet son.

Caleb's middle name was always going to be Jonathan or James, since those are Jon's first and middle names respectively. It's a tradition in my family that the first son have the father's first name (but, we were willing to compromise and use his middle name if it flowed together better with the first name we chose). Ultimately, we ended up using "Jonathan," and I love how it sounds. This choice earns bonus points for rolling off the tongue nicely when having to "middle name" him in times of trouble... which, due to the oncoming 2-year stage, is a lot lately.
Logan at 1 week old.
Logan Isaac
Now, Logan's first name, in all honesty, does not hold much significance — besides the fact that both Jon and I really liked it. The Gaelic meaning of it is "from the hollow," which, I mean, literally kind of makes sense. My womb is kind of a hollow, right?

Initially, I told Jon that I was being pulled towards the name Isaac as his first name (this was back in March or April). Jon didn't hate it, so we kind of sat on it for awhile. However, as August approached, Jon said that he liked the name, but felt like he was forcing himself to like it more than he did. So, I said, "Alright, let's come up with some lists."

So, we both came up with a list of 10 or so names we both liked, crossed off the ones from each other's lists that we hated and then narrowed it down from there. Logan was on Jon's list. Every night, we read our list of names (paired with our last name) before bed and eventually whittled it down to two choices, Logan Isaac and Isaac Daniel. Ultimately, Jon still felt like he wanted our kiddo to have a different first name, so Logan it was.

The name Isaac holds a littler more meaning to me. Last year, I was involved in a Bible study of Genesis. In Genesis, Abraham and Sarah are promised by God to have a son, even though Sarah was well past child-bearing years. However, as with many of God's promises, this promise didn't come with a time frame, and as years passed without a child being born, the couple thought God meant that they should take the matter into their own hands. This took them down the road of doubting God, as well as caused them a bunch of trouble due to their actions.

However, despite the fact that their faith waivered at times, in both this and other matters, God gave them Isaac (which means "to laugh" or "laughter") as a sign of His promise to remain faithful to his believers, even when they doubted Him and acted against His desires for them.

The reason I felt so strongly about the name Isaac was because it perfectly represents the time of life Jon and I are going through right now. Our desire to move home to Minnesota is so strong, and we ultimately feel it's God's will that we will be there. However, having faith in His plan — without knowing the details, like WHEN — is SO hard. The name Isaac will forever be a reminder for me that God is faithful and desires to give us the deepest desires of our heart, as long as remain true to Him and keep our eyes on Him.
I pray that the names we have given our boys will bring them great pride as they grow up. I hope they know that it is not on a whim that they are named what they are. And, I mean, I hope they're glad we tried to pick out names that would sound good over a loud speaker... It could come in handy some day.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Logan's Birth Story - The Final Chapter

So, I'm sitting and going to attempt to type out a blog post one handed. I forgot how much stuff you begin to do like that when you're a breast-feeding mama!

Anyway, after we got checked into our room and I changed into my extremely flattering green hospital gown, we sat chatting it up to our 38-week pregnant nurse while she got an IV going and checked my progress. My contractions were getting stronger, and when all was said and done I was sitting at a 7.5 when I ordered up my epidural.
Excited to see a baby in the baby warmer!
My nurse was very persistent at making sure I got it as soon as possible. Apparently she chased down the anesthesiologist (who also gave me my epidural with C) as she saw him walk by in the hallway. And boy am I glad she did! He said it was a busy day and that I otherwise might have had to wait awhile before he was available! As he prepped both himself and me, he at one point verified with the nurse how progressed I was because I was so calm he couldn't tell when I was having contractions. That made me feel pretty good about myself ;-)

In all honesty, this time around, the epidural itself was probably the most painful part of this entire process. During C's birth, so much was happening around the time I got my epidural (See HERE), that I don't really recall it hurting at all. This time around it hurt a heckuvalot as he released the drugs into my system. It actually made me tear up and cry. The nurse thought I was having a contraction and kept telling me to blow it away, and we both chuckled a bit when I told her it was actually from my back. But, once he was done, all was well again.

Epidurals (well, the two I've had) always make me sort of feel kind of crummy. The combination of my legs feeling heavy plus the continuing contractions make my stomach feel queasy. So, while Jon went and got some food, I sat back, listened to some JJ Heller (her When I'm with You album is bomb) and tried to take a power snooze. Who knew what kind of sleep we'd be getting that night!

By the time 7:30 rolled around, my doctor came by to check on me. Ironically, just before she came in, I had turned to Jon (who was back from eating his mediocre cafeteria cheeseburger) and said how crazy it was to think the baby would be born before midnight. And, then, when she checked my progress, I was at a 9.5! Needless to say, the timeline in my head shot forward by several hours. She broke my water and they quickly began prepping the room as I nonchalantly observed. Heck, I wasn't feeling a thing, so I let them run the show.

(Pay close attention here... 
If you blink you might miss the main event).

After the room was prepped and the baby warmer was turned on, my doctor asked me to do a practice push just to get an idea of how long it was going to take to get this baby out. It only took about a half hour with C, so we weren't anticipating it would take very long. Of course, they weren't expecting him to basically be on the way out as soon as I gave it a shot either. So I had both the nurse and my doctor yelling at me to stop so they could don their baby-catching gear.
With the go ahead to push through a contraction, I gave it my all, and within 5 minutes, out little Logan came with his full head of blonde hair, his long little legs and a good set of lungs. They set him on my chest... and then he pooped on me.

And that, my friends is how our little Logan Isaac blessed the world with his presence. (Mostly) drama free, on his own time and ready to eat — which so far is the type of baby he's been, too.

(I'll write some soon about how our days following Logan's arrival have been, how C is getting along with his brother and how we chose his name. Stay tuned. But, until then, here are some pictures from our days in the hospital.)