Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby L Update - 35w1d

Happy Thursday blog world. It's a fabulous evening... mainly because tomorrow is Friday. And I love that. I mean, who doesn't.

It's been a pretty good week here. It's been insanely productive for me, which leaves me with a very good, satisfied feeling. I've been keeping a going list at work of stuff I need to get done and every morning it's been great to go in and check a couple things off the list. Thank you cards, returns to various stores, buy this, install that... Gotta get all this stuff done soon! I'm at the point where if I went into labor today, my doctor wouldn't stop it. Which means we could have a baby at any time! Crazy!

Last weekend's baby classes were pretty informative. I think Jon and I both learned stuff that we didn't know about birth, labor, newborns, etc. However, I think my favorite part was probably the hospital tour. We were able to see the delivery rooms, the recovery rooms and the rest of the hospital where we'd be meeting our little guy.

The delivery rooms are fabulous. They're huge and have a big bathroom, TVs, DVD players, Blu-Ray Players, couches... basically a great place to pass the time of labor. The nurses were very friendly, and the environment seemed very calm and supportive. We also found out that once he's born - unless there's a health problem that causes him to have to be in the NICU - that he'll stay right by our side the entire time. No nursery time. And I love this. I'm SO, SO glad we are delivering where we are.

Would I recommend birthing classes to other people? I guess it depends on how you feel you'll handle labor and how much you feel you know about it. For me, going to birthing classes was a lot about making me feel like I had mentally prepared myself in every way I could, and this helped me do that. I felt like there was a lot covered that I kind of knew already, but it was great to have things clarified and it was fabulous to go over relaxation and massage techniques for Jon to use while I'm in the throes of a contraction. 

Per my doctor, I'm about 36 weeks at this point (since the date I've been using as my due date is about 4 days behind hers). I can't believe how close things are getting!! I'm getting kind of nervous, but know that labor is something many, many women have gone through - and survived ;-) - and have done it multiple times. So, I got this.

I non-baby related news, Jon and I got iPhones this weekend, so we're getting used to that. I can't wait to start using it to take pictures of the kiddo to send to people. So far, I'm extremely satisfied with our choice.

How far along?: 35w1d!! (though closer to 36 according to the doc)

How big is baby?: 20 inches long and 5.5 pounds…  Supposedly at this point he's head down, and I guess I would believe that. I'm feeling lots of kicks up top and lots of hiccups on the bottom ;-) His length may stop increasing this week (though, his dad's tall, so we'll see). His hearing is fully developed, and he's officially a boy (read into that what you will).

Weight gain/loss?: We'll find out what number we add to my total tomorrow at our appointment.

Maternity clothes?: Ok. Seriously. Duh. And the amount of regular clothes I can supplement here and there is growing slim.

Sleep?: Sleep is about the same. Getting up about once or twice to go to the bathroom -  depending on how much I drink before bed - and waking up to roll over pretty often. I'm also finding myself ridiculously hot some nights, so I've taken to sleeping with hardly any covers.

Food cravings?: Probably not a craving, but I found these peanut butter-filled, chocolate-covered pretzels. Um. Amazing.

Gender?: Definitely a boy now... see "how big is baby" above.

Movement?: Less rolling these days, but lots of kicking and punching still. Hiccups come and go to. I think this will be what I miss most when he's born. I adore feeling him move around in there, knowing that soon I'll get to hold him.

What are you looking forward to this week?:
Continuing to get the nursery settled and all the details figured out. It's definitely getting there and I'm feeling really good about things. I'm also looking forward to our doctor's appointment tomorrow and hoping maybe she can tell me how big she thinks he may be :-)
All photos courtesy of Shawn K Photography
Jon would shoot me if he knew I posted this picture. haha


  1. You look great Emily and I can't wait to hear the news that he is here!!!!! I had Soren at 37 weeks so he really could come at any time! Will be praying for you the rest of pregnancy, labor, and delivery! Blessings your way!


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