Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baby L Update - 36w4d

(L to R: Lana, Bonnie, myself, and Sarah

A pic taken last night at Bonnie's baby shower. Lana has two boys already and Sarah
has one. And now, Bonnie, Sarah and I are all pregnant with boys. We're building a 
killer basketball team!
I find myself on another Sunday evening, trying to force myself not to think about the passing moments until Monday. Though, two weeks from now, that won't be the case (my last day at work before I go on maternity leave is Nov. 10).

While I have been trying to post on Wednesdays, this week was kind of nutso when it came to getting stuff done on the weeknights. As I posted on Monday, Jon and I were on the hunt for some new baby-appropriate wheels. We actually spent Wednesday night at a Hyundai dealership looking/driving cars and persuading another car salesman that we weren't there to make a spontaneous decision. Then, on Thursday, by using, Jon solidified a great deal for a beautiful 2012, Aurora Blue, Hyundai Tucson. But, it was located about 95 miles north of where we are.

So, after our doctor's appointment (more on that in a bit), we drove to CarMax first to drop off my little VW Bug. It was a bittersweet moment getting ride of my little car. I enjoyed our last journey together, remembering all the good times we'd had braving the wintery Minnesota roads and learning to navigate the 6-lane freeways of CA. 

Saying goodbye...
And then, we picked up our new car. 

Love it!
I love it. It has lots of the features we wanted and will be the perfect size to tote Baby L around (along with all of his stuff). I've never had a brand new car before, so I'm still driving it like an egg and afraid I'm going to do something stupid. These are CA roads, you know. But, other than the nervous driving, I love it (and so does Jon, as far I can tell).

Then, this weekend, I've been in a nesting frenzy trying to get some stuff checked off the list. And, I'm proud to say, I've pretty much finished the nursery! Wall decor is up and the only thing I'm waiting on are some pictures and frames my parents are bringing down when they come to visit (after Baby L is born). It feels rather good to get it done. And, I'm super pumped with how it turned out, considering we didn't paint the walls. See the change here.


I used the bumpers (we're getting a breathable bumper for inside the crib) to cover up under the crib, making a nice storage space. I used the quilt we got with the bedding to hang up on the wall. And, considering I only used three of the bumpers (and wasn't ever planning on using them for their actual purpose) I cut up  the leftover bumper to line the baskets on the bookshelf and make the wall decorations above his crib. Eventually those circles will spell  out his name... but since we're keeping everyone guessing, I couldn't post an absolutely complete picture ;-) 

And good thing I got it done, since we're gradually getting closer and closer to D-Day...
How far along?: 37w4d!! (though closer to 38.5 according to the doc)

How big is baby?: 20 inches long and 6 pounds (though, the doc told me this week that she's thinking he's going to be a "big" baby... what that means, I have no idea)…  His gums are rigid and his circulatory and immune system are set. At this point, it's just his lungs that are still prepping for life on the outside. He most certainly hasn't "dropped" (see picture above) and has seemed very happy just chilling where he's been the last 8 months. 

Weight gain/loss?: Since my last post, I've seen the doctor twice. The first visit, I had gained 5 more pounds over four weeks, and this week I only gained a pound between visits (which is what I'm supposed to be gaining). This puts me at 25 pounds total, give or take. And, I felt REALLY good this week, because my doctor — who has never mentioned my weight — described my weight gain as amazing. 

Maternity clothes?: I feel like I'm wearing the same 5 outfits every week. 

Sleep?: I've graduated into getting up about 2 times a night to use the bathroom. And, minus the nights that I'm still waking up with hip or back pain, I'm still sleeping OK. Pretty good for a pregnant lady, so I'm not gonna complain.

Food cravings?: I have been wanting FRUIT! The other night, Jon and I went driving so he could drive the new car and stopped for Frostys at Wendy's. And while, that little Frosty was great, I made him stop at the grocery store so we could get grapes. In what world do you prefer grapes over a Frosty?

Gender?: Boy!

Movement?: He's running out of room, so movement isn't as constant as it has been. But, he's still kicking and prodding me. And hiccups remain a common occurrence.

I've had this pain right under my right rib and in my upper-right abdomen that tends to develop when I sit. It's quite painful actually. So, I don't know if that's a result of him kicking me in that same place or if that just stretching going on. But, the doc says it's nothing to worry about.

What are you looking forward to this week?:


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