Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Caleb's Birth Story - Part 2

So here we were, waiting and waiting for my contractions to give us a sign that something was happening. The monitor was showing that I was having them ALL the time, but they weren't making me uncomfortable AT ALL ... which was what we wanted. And, every time they checked me during the day (about every 4 hours), the nurse would tell me I was still at a 3. Arg!!

It was so hard throughout that day constantly hearing that number. All around us, I could hear babies being born. The room to the right, the room behind us. But I was just sitting stuck at this blasted 3. Right around 4 o'clock I broke down and cried because I was so discouraged. I wanted to meet this kid, I wanted to have a baby, and I wanted to be done with labor. Jon hugged me and told me that it would all happen how it was supposed to, and even our great day nurse, Jacklyn, hugged me. She told me that this happens a lot and that it would turn out great in the end.

Right around 5, I was at the highest dose of Pitocin allowed (20mL) and still nothing was happening. Jacklyn called my doctor with the disappointing news. The doctor said that it was possible that my body had just become too saturated with the drug to the point of it becoming ineffective, so she ordered my dose back to 10 and told the nurses to up it very slowly. Jon and I prepared for another long night in #308.

But, like magic, as soon as they dropped that dose, I began to feel my contractions. I have never been so glad to feel pain - which is a really weird point to get to. I finally got to an uncomfortable enough point where I asked for some pain meds. But, after being on those for awhile, they just weren't cutting it, so I asked for my epidural. This was around 1 a.m.

As the nurse called the anesthesiologist, I decided I would get up one last time to use the bathroom. When I did, my IV connector came apart, causing me to start bleeding... which freaked me out. After a frenzy ensued to get that fixed, I started walking back to my bed and my other pain meds kicked in (making my head kind of fuzzy). And then, on top of that, the nurse took my blood pressure. All of these events made me feel very woozy, and as I got back to my bed, I told Jon I was going to be sick to my stomach. Thank goodness I hadn't really eaten anything for 36 hours - besides water and juice.

While I was emptying my stomach, my nurse had me sit down, and sure enough, after finishing (she gave me a dose of anti-nausea drugs in my IV), I realized that I was sitting in a puddle (TMI?). The nurse said, "Oh! You're water broke!"
On our first walk together...
No time to clean up though. The anestheseologist had arrived in the midst of it all and was ready to stick me with my epidural. And, while he was doing that (which wasn't bad at all. Not sure what the fuss is about...) the water kept coming and coming. What a bizarre feeling that was! The nurse actually said that she hadn't seen that much water for a really long time. No wonder the kid wasn't wanting to drop. He was swimming in his own jacuzzi in there!

In the next post... delivery! (Sorry, hungry baby requires attention ;-) )


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