Monday, February 20, 2012

Caleb's Top 10 Baby Must Haves (1-3 months)

I by no means have all the answers as a mom. In fact, most days, I'm still flying by the seat of my pants. They say moms know what cry means what... and I'm still waiting to get to that point. I mean, I know his routine (sleep, eat, play, sleep - with a poo or two somewhere in there), but when he switches it up, it definitely throws me for a loop.

That being said, there are things that I do know, and those are the products that worked for us these first three months of Mr. C's life. Since Mr. C is quickly closing in on that three-month mark (holy cow!), I thought I would share with any readers who don't happen to be mamas 10 things that I have found invaluable for these first three months (I'm posting the first 5 now, and the last 5 tomorrow). I'm also planning on doing a post in the next couple days of stuff that people say you NEED and load you up with, but then you never use.

PS... Can I emphasize that I can't believe my kiddo will be 3 months old in 10 days? ohmygoodness.

Without further ado - 5 (of 10) valuable baby products for months 1-3 (See the items 6-10 in this post):

1) Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper
Mr. C chillin' in his RnP at 2 weeks.
This thing is amazing. We had planned on having C sleep in the newborn napper that came with our Pack and Play in our room when he first came home. This plan was great in theory, but completely thrown off by the fact that he never wanted to sleep anywhere but in our arms from Day 1.

I searched high and low for solutions. This product was praised highly over on community boards, so I thought we'd try it out. A-mazing. It's at an incline, so Baby isn't flat (good for those reflux babies). It's the perfect size for putting right next to the bed so you can reach over to rock it at night. And, the best part, it's narrow enough that Baby fits, but feels tight in there. He's sleeping in it to this day (in his own room) — though I'm guessing we'll have to transition him within the next month or two.
(Sidenote: I have no idea why it's called a Rock N Play because there's no "play" factor involved. Maybe they thought that would make people think it more versatile. I don't know. It's not a toy and doesn't turn into one - though it does come with a silly little rabbit thing. It does however, rock. Whatever.)

2) Just a plain old Exercise Ball
Jon was told by another new dad at work that he should get an exercise ball to help soothe Caleb when he was crying. C was never a crazy fussy baby, but, if you've ever been around a newborn, you know how fast their crying can get out of control. So, we bought a $20 exercise ball at Target on our next visit. The first time Jon sat on it with C and bounced, C immediately stopped crying and settled down. I don't know what this magic is all about (maybe something about how it feels in the womb), but I like it. We still use it, and it still works like a charm — EVERY TIME.

Here's a video of my phenomenal husband bouncing C. He was about 4 weeks here (C, not the hubby ;-) )

3) Aden and Anais swaddling blankets

Here's C snuggled in with one of his blankets
at 4.5 weeks
I admit, this was a product I bought initially because I thought the patterns on them were SO cute (and I had a Target giftcard...), but they turned out to be fabulous to have around. 

Number one, they're huge so that they can be used for swaddling (and work great as a nursing cover in a pinch). Also, they're made out of pretty thin material (muslin), so they work great to cover up the kiddo in his car seat when it's too warm for one of the pretty knitted blankets I have. We've never actually used them for swaddling (we could never get them tight enough for C's strong little arms), but we use them for pretty much everything else. So versatile — and when it comes to babies, the more versatile the product, the better.

4) Fisher Price Cradle 'N' Swing
Here's Mr. C enjoying some quality
swing time (notice his Aden and Anais
blanket in use :-) ).
We didn't start out with this swing. We registered/received one of the smaller space-saving swings since we live in an apartment. Unfortunately, C never took to the smaller swing, leaving us with an unusable piece of equipment and a baby who hated to be put down.
He loves staring at that mobile!

When my mom visited in January she told us we had to have one of these swings because my bro and I loved ours, so she gifted half the cost to us. C loved it ... and for the first time, I could put him down for more than 2 minutes without him screaming. Our particular themed model (Luv U Zoo) has a mirror and a mobile above and a bright colored banner behind — all of which C likes to look at. Other models have other various attention-grabbing contraptions. It swings in three positions, has the option of music or nature sounds and even spins the mobile for you. The best part? That it has an adapter so you can plug it into the wall. This saved my arms and helped me get Facebook stalking housework done.

5) Moby Wrap
 Along the lines of saving my arms, I have to mention my Moby Wrap. As a newborn, C loved being nestled inside next to my chest and quieted down immediately if he was fussing when I put him in. And, most of the time, he fell asleep within five minutes (and still does...). Now, as an infant, he still likes sitting in it with his head poked out looking around at the world.
He just loves his view of the world from in there!

Here's Mr. C and his carrier
taking up my entire grocery
In addition to being a calming tool, it comes in way handy when I go places I don't want/need to bring the entire stroller set up. This is especially true at the grocery store. His carrier takes up the entire cart, leaving no room for actual food. By using the Moby, I can still fill up my cart and carry the kiddo no problem.

PS Don't let their appearance intimidate you. They may look difficult to put on, but seriously, just use the little manual and you'll do just fine. I had it down pat in three tries — I didn't even have to YouTube how to put it on (though, I've heard that can be helpful too).

Alright, so those are my 1 through 5. Granted, not all these things will work for every baby. Each kiddo is super different with what they need and respond too. However, these all just happen to work really great for us and I thought I'd share the knowledge in the event someone was looking for a possible solution. 

I'll be back tomorrow with 6-10!


  1. I love reading posts like this as I'm about to have my first baby, a girl, the end of June! It's nice to get ideas of what works for others!!

  2. Great top 10!! It's amazing how much the products change in a short amount of time. I am due with my third in may and have several of these, but the rock n play for example is new...I've lined up one to borrow...stat! ;)

  3. I must get the A&A blankets before my 2nd kiddo arrives in Oct. I didn't have them for my son, and I keep hearing wonderful things about them!New follower from the TAT link up!

  4. I have never had anything called a 'swaddling blanket' because from the beginning my daughter didn't like being swaddled - after reading your description of those A&A blankets, I think I should try them for baby #2!

  5. I love your moby wrap. We have something similar, and It was a life saver for getting house work done.

  6. We use our AA swaddlers for everything! Our baby also has herculean strength so we have to use two of the blankets to hold him!

  7. I really think I need to get a Rock n Play!

  8. Hopping over from Growing Up Geeky! We love the Rock N Play and the A&A blankets!!! It's amazing how word of mouth can really be the best publicity for companies. I didn't know about either one until I started reading Mommy blogs. Love your website!


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